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Thursday, February 16

MaLUUUUUUUUU. (blushing ouhh) ^,^

Sedang menulis. ^,^

Am not sure kalau korang rasa its just tiny matter. tapi just nak share , to avoid 'banana 2 times' remind tuk korang juga. hehe It happen yesterday.. One of my friend ask me suddenly the night before. The day before :

10.00 pm: You like sport, u want to join netball, intermahallah she said. and apa lagi, tak fikir panjang, I just say yes. That time a bit rushing since nak keluar dinner. But I seriously heard that she asking me about 'NetBall' somehow.

11.00 pm : Times running, she ask details, to register my name.Everything look better.

Yesterday :
Till yesterday, hahahahaha !!! (and shameless at the same time+blushing ) 

8.30 pm : I message her, what time training tonight, she said 9 o'clock. Then, I pun get ready and siap gi pinjam sportshoe lagi ok. Since I dont have any now, bcos tak planning pun nak join any sports here. hahaha  !!! But then, Im just too excited when it comes to netball. Maybe sbb lama dah X main netball kot. Kot ? haha ( i think so). memang lama pun since form 3 kot X main dah.

9.00 pm :
I was there, with my drinking bottle and sportshoes. I was looking for her, but she's not there. And I was like, how can be this, she said at 9 but even she's not coming yet.

9.10 pm : Dengan gagah dan berani, I pun terus masuk court. And they already start training. They look friendly with each other. I wonder why, hmmmm. Is it bcos am the only new comer for this next game... hahaha.

9.30 pm : Still in training, and I still wondering, why they asking me so many q/s. Who telling u that we are on training ? Who ask u for this game ? Who this person  that telling u this and that ? Are u new student here ? I just bear everything. hhmmm.... I really dont understand. tapi mulut langsung tak terbuka untuk tanya whether I'm in the right place or not. Careless ha. too bd.

1130 pm : Almost finish, and suddenly, one person call me, "Adik tahu tak sebenarnya kami memang dah cukup orang. and macam mana adik tahu yang kami ada netball kat sini ?" and I was like, what is going on. I pretend to stay cool. And she said some more, Maaf la yer, bukan apa, tapi kami pun pelik macam mana adik boleh tahu ttg netball ni, sbb kami memg xde cari replace pun. Memg dah cukup. and I just said, if that so, xpelah. I dont mind. I just took my stuff and leave. And I wondering again, kalau netball dah fix, so apa yg that person cakap, game apa yg dia ajak sebenarnya ni, and which court actually.

11.45 pm : I message her, since I tak dapat the whole capture lagi. She said, why u tak datang, I datang lah, but I dont see u there. She said, I was at the basketball court. haaaa?!! BasketBall. What shame this..

Ouhh. I suddenly got headache. hahahahaa.... now I got it. MIScommunication. Seriously, that night I heard she said about netball, not basketball. Be careful all of u too. Reminded for me. MALUUuuunya.......THE END>

*siapa yg mengenali, korang mesti tahu cmane kalau 'me' in that such situation. :P

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